"We like having such a good place to check for information directly related to our age group. We think it's long overdue."

- Mary and John Marsh, Engineer, Retired, Sequim, WA
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"Over the hill" doesn’t necessarily mean "out of touch," and 50somethinginfo.com is designed to help keep us in the loop. As USAF retirees, who still have the wanderlust, the site’s relocation info (found under House and Home) is of great value, as is the Public and Private Assistance division regarding veterans’ services. "Lifestyle" fills us in on travel information, as well as grandparenting info applicable to our 14 grandchildren and 5 great-granddaughters, whose families are scattered from sea to shining sea (i.e., on both coasts). We only wish the information on caregiving and end-of-life issues had been available to us in the pre-web-site days, as we struggled through those difficult years. Kudos for a job well done!
Shirley & Sumner Sachs (Col, USAF, Retired) of Framingham, MA
I have recently become acquainted with the website 50somethinginfo.com. What a fabulous source of information for all of us “baby boomers” in the prime of our lives! It provides us with valuable resources to assist us with the challenges that we encounter in this phase of our lives. We are in a unique situation. Responsibilities to children continue as we face the concerns for our aging parents. The changes in our personal lives at times can become overwhelming. Our physical, social, and emotional needs as well as family, career, health, and retirement options take on a new meaning. How helpful to have a resource that allows us to easily seek out information and to share it with others facing similar situations! I particularly appreciate the format and user friendliness of the site. I only wish that it had been around sooner. A few years ago, I lost my father to malignant melanoma. Dealing with my father’s illness, my mom’s emotional needs, and the maintenance my sanity was traumatic. 50somethinginfo.com could have provided me with information and the emotional support that would have helped greatly. I look forward to seeing the site grow, and am confident that it will be a valuable asset for the ever-growing population of baby boomers.
Laura Hamlett
Recipient of the prestigious Crystal Apple (Disney) and Bravo (Los Angeles Music Center) Awards
I know what it’s like to be busy. What I don’t know is what it’s like to deal with many of the real-life issues I’m beginning to encounter, as are other boomers just like me. With 50somethinginfo.com I can, in minutes, without stress and/or frustration, find answers to all of my questions! I am so relieved to have such a valuable and comprehensive resource at my fingertips just when I need it the most!
Debra Goldstein, Law firm administrator, Woodland Hills, CA
50somethinginfo.com — what a wonderful website! It covers so many important topics in one place. We like having such a good place to check for information directly related to our age group. We think it’s long overdue. Thanks to Sue Levine for creating such a needed and helpful site.
Mary & John Marsh, Sequim, WA
Our generation has been put into a sandwich between our parents and their contemporaries and our children. The reason is because our parents came out of the depression and provided the baby boomer generation with educational opportunity, and the growing economic standard offered our generation financial opportunity.

The depression and the war did not afford our previous generations these opportunities and the globalization of the world leveled out economic advantages available to the American middle class of baby boomers that no longer remains available to our children. It is much more difficult to stand out in today’s economy than it was for us (baby boomers).

Thus, we are sandwiched. We provide care and resources to our aging parents and simultaneously supply capital to our children, thus, the sandwich. Boomers are uniquely challenged. Therefore, a filter of information in coping with our unique conditions is greatly welcomed.

Congratulations on being the future source of information, opportunity and empathetic perspectives in our journey to coping with our differentiated issues.
Robert and Janice Dushane, Oxnard, CA
Why do I love 50somethinginfo.blogspot.com?

Let me name the ways!

The humorous and succinct writing...
The matching pictures, which normally make us laugh...
The ease of delivery — right to our mailbox...
The information — which I often don’t realize we need, but after it’s read, we almost always find it valuable...
The feeling that a good friend, a kind and loving friend, is writing this just for ME, and that the creator really cares about us...

Yes, I would highly recommend to all us old’n ones, finding our way in a challenging world!
Larry and Shirley Grossman
Retired Research Chemist and Retired Music Teacher
Spokane, Washington
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