"50somethinginfo.com — what a wonderful website! It covers so many important topics in one place."

- Mary and John Marsh, Engineer, Retired, Sequim, WA
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About 50 Something

Sue Levine loves information, and she loves the internet. She finds the process of managing, classifying and disseminating information — both online and offline –extremely rewarding.

Sue Levine Armed with a Masters of Library Science degree from UCLA, Sue has devoted her life to guiding people through comprehensive stacks and volumes of information. She has helped library patrons not just locate resources, but also organize, sift and extract those resources into condensed and easily digestible materials tailored to serve their specific information needs.

When Sue began to use the internet, the experience was fun for a trained information professional like her. But she found she was spending a lot of time every day helping her friends and family get information on the internet because they didn’t have the research expertise she did.

She heard what so many were saying to her about websites: That it’s hard to know how to find good information and then, that it’s hard to know when to trust the information. That there’s so much — and that it takes too long to sift through it all. That it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, and sort out what is advertising from what isn’t!

People found medical misinformation (which can be deadly in some cases) and cluttered websites that were difficult to understand. Sometimes the print was so small that people couldn’t read it!

The idea for 50somethinginfo.com was born.

Sue had an idea and a plan: To create a website where information wanted by 50somethings could be sorted and culled by a real-life reliable librarian, and delivered simply and quickly. It would be a resource for people who didn’t grow up with computers and the internet, but still wanted to use them to enhance their lives.

Today Sue’s website delivers the best of the net to adults 50 years old and better. It is dedicated to bright and curious 50somethings and assures them of an online experience they will trust and enjoy. It is easy to use. It has customized font sizes to ensure readability. It welcomes comments and suggestions. People go there with the assurance and peace of mind that the information and the websites provided come from librarian Sue and her team of savvy assistants, who relentlessly review every site and constantly update information for accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Sue’s dream is alive and thriving in 50somethinginfo.com.
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