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50somethinginfo.com launches human-powered
Search Engine Dedicated to Delivering the Best of the Net
to Adults 50 Years Old and Better

Santa Barbara, CA (December 1, 2008) - 50somethinginfo.com, a company dedicated to enhancing the everyday lives of people 50something and better, has launched a search engine designed to deliver highly targeted information to users looking for the best of the net for the rest of their lives.

A major departure from mainstream search engines, this one-of-a-kind website applies a 50something lens to every search query, delivering relevant, reliable and commercial-free information pre-screened by the company’s founder, Susan Levine, a 50something herself. The site’s goal is to provide expedient information that is not just age-relevant—but more importantly, lifestyle relevant.

On 50somethinginfo.com you can do a search for “clothes” or “travel” and you won’t find the conventional keyword driven results that often prove unrelated to your query. And instead of giving you broad search results that only lead to more searching, 50somethinginfo.com will help you find the specific information you need to shorten your time online so you can get on with living your life.

Key product features of 50somethinginfo.com include:
  • Concise and dependable search results: The experts on the 50somethinginfo.com editorial team do all the searching so you don’t have to. They review every site and constantly update information to bring you the best of the net.
  • Clean and simple user interface with effortless navigation and adjustable font sizes to increase readability.
  • Instant access to quick tips relevant to the topic you are searching.
  • A powerful search tool that prompts you with essential information pertaining to specific search categories. For example, a search result for medical information features helpful instructions for how to properly take your medication, what drug interactions may occur, and how to properly dispose of expired medication.

50somethinginfo.com was founded by Susan Levine, an information expert who loves the internet. Armed with a Masters of Library and Information Science degree from UCLA, she has devoted her life to helping people find the information they want. She heard what so many were saying to her about websites: That it’s hard to know how to find good information that you can trust.

“I was spending a lot of time every day helping friends and family find information on the internet because they didn’t have the research savvy and background that I have,” she says.

So she created 50somethinginfo.com to provide an online experience that 50somethings could trust and enjoy. 50somethinginfo.com provides reliable information culled by a real-life 50something with an ease-of-use that makes it possible to search less, save time, and find more.

50somethinginfo.com is the one stop source of pre-screened information dedicated to our 50something lifestyle. The unique human-powered vertical search engine is dedicated to delivering the best of the net to adults 50 years old and better. Visit http://www.50somethinginfo.com for comprehensive Boomer and Senior information and resources.